You-Haul Pricing

Pricing below is per cubic yard and assumes pickup at our yard.

Mulch/Ground Cover [top]  
Name Description Residential  Contractor
Ultrakote™ (Three Colors) Gives your landscape an even longer lasting beauty in UltraKote Black, UltraKote Brown, and UltraKote Red 30.00 20.00 
Premium Hardwood Bark Aged double ground, 1 1/2″ minus, hardwood bark with a dark chocolate brown color and a sweet floral earthy aroma. 26.00 20.00 
Premium Pine/Hemlock Blend Has an aromatic pine aroma with a reddish brown color. 38.00 22.00 
StablePeat 100% organic, premium mulch and soil amendment with a peat moss like texture. Having a rich dark chocolate brown color. 32.00 25.00 
Bark Fines Fine aged, hardwood screened bark with dark brown color. 32.00 25.00 
WoodCarpet™, FIBAR™, FiberStarr™ IPEMA certified playground safety surface material 48.00 42.00 
Economy Mulch Aged double ground, 1 1/2” minus, curbside green waste and hardwood blend with a dark brown color and a forest floor, earthy aroma. $16.00  $12.00 
Soil [top]  
Name Description Residential  Contractor
Garden-n-Bloom Planting Soil Best for growing vegetables & flowers. 35.00 30.00 
Tree-n-Shrub Planting
Ready for planting! Excellent for planting shrubs and
35.00 30.00 
Premium Turf Start™ (Topsoil-Loam) Biologically formulated for lawns; sandy & workable. 35.00 30.00 
Name Description Residential  Contractor
Ground Effects Garden Compost 100% organic, greenwaste based compost approved for all types of gardening 35.00 30.00 
Till-In Soil Conditioner All-purpose 100% organic soil amendment used to break-up heavy soils 35.00 30.00 
Bedding Materials [top]  
Name Description Residential  Contractor
Fresh Sawdust Clean source of bedding material for all outdoor animals and mud control. 18.00 18.00 
Decorative Stone/Rock [top]  
Name Description Residential  Contractor
3/8″ Round Pea sized round rock for drainage or pathway surface, and also for decorative rock. 60.00 54.00 
3/4″ Round Drainage rock used for most applications in construction, and also for decorative rock. 60.00 54.00 
1 1/2″ Round Medium round rock used for drainage work, and also for decorative rock. 60.00 54.00 
2″ Round Medium round rock used for drainage work, and also for decorative rock. 60.00 54.00 
Cobbles 3″ to 8″ Large rock used for walls, slopes, and decorative rock. 65.00 59.00
Barn Red This naturally colored, dark red, 3/4″ stone adds beauty and character to your Landscape. 120.00 120.00
TimberLite A 1.5″ Firelite stone. Gorgeous Red, Black and Beige color that goes perfectly with just about any landscape. This lightweight stone is a unique stone discovered from mining coal in the eastern States. 120.00 120.00

Delivery Charge: $5.25 per one way mile from our 2792 Brickyard Rd. location. Prices subject to change without notice. W9 form must be submitted for contractor pricing.

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