Blower Applications

Safety Surface | Landscape Mulching | Topdressing/Lawn Renovation | Erosion Control
Terraseeding | Mud Control | Bedding | Rock/Aggregate

The Ground Effects Express Blower™ truck lets us spread large quantities of organic materials in a small amount of time, saving you valuable time and effort. We can spread bark, soil mixes, compost, playground chips, or any number of other organic materials for landscaping, lawn restoration, erosion control, and much more. In addition, our patented Supplemental Injection System allows us to inject any number of granular soil enhancers or seed while we are blowing.

Benefits of Blower Application

  • Product can be applied with our Express Blower™ trucks in a fraction of the time it takes to spread it by hand.
  • Your landscaped areas will have a smooth and consistent finish, enhancing the beauty of your landscape.
  • Less product is typically needed.
  • Weather conditions do not restrict blower application.
  • Hard to reach areas are easily accessible and difficult areas to cover such as steep slopes are now effortlessly covered.

For more information on our blower application service, please call our sales associates at (866) 689-1470.

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