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Common benefits and uses for Garden-n-Bloom Planting Soil, Tree-n-Shrub Planting Soil and Premium Turf Start™

Moisture Retention / Aeration
A properly blended soil will increase moisture retention and yet provide necessary drainage and aeration for healthy growth in your plants’ root systems. Each soil product designed and produced by Ground Effects has a specific use for every type of planting. Try our Premium Turf Start™ for your lawn, or Garden-n-Bloom Planting Soil for your vegetable and flower gardens. Tree-n-Shrub Planting Soil is perfect for acid loving plants like trees and shrubs.

Beneficial Microbes
Compost or products containing compost, which include all Ground Effects soils, are a good source of biological activity that is necessary for healthy growth and natural resistance to many plant diseases. These beneficial microbes work in the soil as tiny agents transferring nutrients from the soil to the plant’s roots and protect the roots from certain diseases by colonizing around them. They come in many forms and all are necessary for plant growth. The key to this diversity in our soil products is a properly composted material that has the right balance and level of active microbes. Our Ground Effects Compost Specialist holds a position on the US Composting Council and has many years of experience in managing and producing the proper compost for many of our products. Our compost is lab tested for nutrition and biological balance in the soil foodweb, and we can assure you that Ground Effects compost is of the highest quality available.

Organic Source of Nutrition
The Garden-n-Bloom Planting Soil and now our Tree-n-Shrub Planting Soil are both 100% organic and will supply your plants with slow releasing nitrogen over a long period of time. These products, along with Turf Start™, are formulated with biological agents that enhance the soils’ “Food Web”. Each soil environment has been adjusted to either bacterial or fungal dominance, depending on the type of planting it will be used for. We have listed each below.

Garden-n-Bloom Planting Soil: Adjusted to high levels of both bacteria and fungi to accommodate leafy plants such as flowers and vegetables.

Tree-n-Shrub Planting Soil: Adjusted to a higher level of beneficial fungi for planting trees and shrubs.

Premium Turf Start™: Adjusted to a higher level of bacteria for proper conditions necessary to grow grasses for a healthy & beautiful lawn.

As with all amended soils, you should have a regular routine of fertilizing with organic or commercial fertilizers throughout the growing season for best results.

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